Introduction to programming with Kodu

What is a program?

What is Kodu?

Kodu is a visual programming language. This means you build the programs using icons or tiles (pictures) and that you don’t have to type in all the commands yourself (see image to the right)

Kodu allows you to control objects, build worlds, and make games with objects that react to each other, shoot each other, keep scores, and use timers.

Kodu Program Structure

All programming in Kodu uses a simple idea…

When this thing happens, Do this thing

For example :

When keyboard a (is pressed) Do Shoot (missile)

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A program is a sequence or ordered set of instructions.

It can include something called conditional execution e.g. if I touch an apple, I will eat it. The apple only gets eaten if I touch it

A program can also include a loop of instructions - this is when they run over and over.

Kodu is a free piece of software. You can get it your own copy here.