Building a website using HTML

In this unit you are learning how to make a website. You have seen that you can use a design program like Serif Web Plus but then have to publish the site to export the pages as HTML.

We are now going to have a go at coding HTML ourselves. Whilst this is the hardest way to build a website, it is also the one which offers most flexibility and control. Also, if you understand the code then you would be able to edit any website no matter how it was built, and you can add bits to websites created in programs and online builders.

Websites are written in HTML. This stands for HyperText Markup Language. Websites are styled (made to look good) using an additional language called CSS (cascading style sheets). You will be learning some simple techniques in both of these.

 A lot of websites also use additional languages for interactivity - these languages include javascript, asp, php, flash action script, SQL (for databases) and others as well. We won’t be learning these, although I may show you a tiny bit of javascript if a class is interested.


You will be assessed on the final version of the webpage you will build and develop throughout the unit Click here for more

Click here to learn more about html

Click here for a list of web development skills and techniques you will learn