Making a website using Serif Web Plus x7

Before we start looking at how to make a website using Web Plus X7, we need to think about and work out what makes a good website.

What is good and bad on existing websites task: Open this file, and look at the 4 music festival websites, fill in the boxes on what is good and bad about each site, and complete the other 2 tasks on the sheet too.

Now you have a basic idea about what is good and bad about some websites, lets get more specific. Open this file, (website design elements task )have a look at the two websites, and fill in the yes no table to record which sites have the different features.

Finally, open a word processor document, and write down at least 7 things you think make a good website design. These are your success criteria for the website you will be making so give them the title Website design success criteria

Now we know what a good website should include, we are now ready to start making the website. So open serif web plus 7 and start a new site

Getting started