In Year 10, the focus is controlled assessment with two units being completed. These are:

In Year 11, the remaining units are completed:

Computing @

In years 10 and 11 at Lakelands, the IT / Computing course is the OCR Cambridge Nationals - ICT Level 1 / 2. On completing this course you will have a fully recognised GCSE equivalent.

To achieve this qualification, you will have to complete 4 units, 3 of which are controlled assessment, with the final unit being a 1 hour exam. Each unit is worth 25% of the overall grade. For more on marking and grading, please go to the Nationals Marking page

For the Controlled Assessment units you will complete some skill development and practice tasks before you tackle the actual controlled assessments. For the exam, there will be a series of “theory lectures” covering the information you need to know, and then a set of practice papers

Please use the drop down links at the top to go to either the practice projects, the controlled assessment tasks, or the theory lessons and practice papers.