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This website has been created to provide information, tasks, handouts and tutorials to support the IT and Computing Lessons at Lakelands Academy. They are designed to help you in your lessons, but not to replace them.

The site has been divided down into years to match the units that are taught in each year at Lakelands Academy.  However, you will find cross links between topics from different years - for example input devices are taught in yr 7 but you need the knowledge in yr 11 so there is a link from the yr 11 page to the yr 7 page on inputs.

To choose a year group, or a topic , please click on the navigation buttons at the top, or use these text links:

Please note - this site is being built and populated as I prepare and teach the lessons. If a page is empty, or a link goes nowhere please check back later.  Thank you, Mr Purslow.

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